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The island of Pag

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The island of Pag

Welcome to the most desirable island on the Croatian coast, a beautiful oasis with almost 270 kilometers of coastline, numerous tourist destinations, woven with modern and traditional events and festivals. Welcome to the island of Pag.

Although the fifth largest of about a thousand islands that adorn the Croatian coast, the island of Pag is home to about 9,000 inhabitants who host more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world every year. The largest cities on this white island are the towns of Pag and Novalja, which are the main tourist centers of the island. Regardless, the rest of the island is rich in beautiful bays, coves and small towns that are the final destination for thousands of visitors a year.

The rich history of the island of Pag dates back to the Neolithic, which makes it a great picnic spot for history lovers. In addition, the world-famous Pag lace was created in the heart of this island, which is why this island attracts many visitors. A gallery of this autochthonous Croatian product has even been opened in Zadar.

The island of Pag is also the culinary center of northern Dalmatia, especially known for its cheeses and lamb. Due to the extremely salty air and large pastures, Pag lamb is world-renowned as the tastiest and juiciest lamb. Pag cheese, paired with gentle Pag olive oil, is enough of an invitation in itself for all those who are in love with quality food.

Numerous fishing villages have found their home on the shores of this island, and their fishing evenings are known throughout the region as special events not to be missed. For young and fun-loving parties, Novalja in the northern part of the island has become the party center of Croatia. There is also the world-famous Zrće beach, where some of the world’s greatest DJ performers performed.