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What to visit?

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What to visit?

The north of the island of Pag is rich in Roman, Illyrian and Central European history. Only in Jakišnica, where the La Luna Hotel is located, you can visit the millennial olive groves and enjoy the scent of history that olives exude. Since this area has great botanical value, it is 1963. declared a botanical reserve, one of three in the world.

In addition to the botanical wealth of Luna, only 12 kilometers away is Novalja, which is the site of many Roman archaeological finds, but has recently become a kind of Croatian Ibiza, and is a great place to spend unforgettable evenings in entertainment, dancing and good cocktails.

Pay attention to the numerous fishing evenings of many fishing villages and hamlets in the area. Locals will spend hours teaching you about the history of fishing and sailing, and some of these families have been fishing for hundreds of years.

Numerous remote coves and beaches, not located directly along the road, are scattered throughout the northern part of the island, making this area a great starting point for all those eager to explore. Pay special attention to the islet of Dolfin, where the old lighthouse is located. This islet got its name because of the many dolphins that visit the lighthouse. These dolphins are loved by sailors, who in turn say that seeing dolphins while sailing is among the greatest happiness a sailor can have.